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Playing your first game?
If you’ve never played paintball before, you’re in for a real treat! Paintball is a game that virtually anyone 10 years or older can play; male, female, young, not-so young. Before you go out and play your first game, there are some things to know that will really help your first experience be a great one!

What do I wear?
Wear old clothes, preferably dark in color. Old camos work great! Wear a comfortable pair of boots, cleats, or sneakers. DO NOT wear any good jewelry of any type. If you choose to wear them, they could become lost or damaged.

Should I bring anything extra?
Make sure to bring extra money just in case. We supply you with a minimum amount of paintballs with one of our rental packages; however, you may need more. You also may want to buy a drink or snack between games. Feel free to bring your own drinks and snacks but please do not leave your trash on the ground. We recommend bringing a change of clothes. The odds of your coming out clean are very slim! It just means you had an awesome paintball day!

What should I expect?
This is the big question. Most people who have not played paintball before have no idea what to expect. Does it hurt? How long are games? Are the players friendly? These are all good questions.

If you get hit by a paintball fired from close range (about 20 feet or less) it does sting a bit. Most people will tell you that after the first time you’ve been hit, the sting is rarely an issue. There are many different types of games played including “capture the flag”, “elimination,” “El Presidente,” etc… Games usually last between 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes they last only 5-10 minutes! We try and play at least 6-8 games per day.

More often than not, the regular players at the field are very friendly and more than willing to help any new players. The same applies to managers and referees at the field. If you have questions, do not be afraid to ask.

On the field:
Once you are at the field, take time to watch some of the other games before you go on. Watch how they play the game. When you get out there, start out slow and don’t over do it in the first game or two. It doesn’t take too long for you to get comfortable with the game.

A few rules of thumb: NEVER remove your goggles while you are on the field even if you have already been hit. If you are eliminated call “OUT” or “HIT” as loud as you can and stick your marker and both arms above your head so everyone can see you are out. Do not argue with any of the referees. The refs are there to keep it safe and fun. Remember it’s all part of the game!

Barrel Plug/Sock – A small object designed to fit tightly in the tip of the barrel or over the barrel to prevent a paintball from being discharged out of the marker. Must be in place off the field.

Blind Shooting – When a paintball player shoots his or her marker around or above an object bunker without his or her body being behind the marker. This is a prohibited tactic of firing in a game.

Bunkered or Bunkering – When one player sneaks up on or runs by an opponent and marks him at point blank range. This is a prohibited tactic.

Capture the Flag – A type of game most widely played at paintball fields. A flag is located in the center or at each
end of a paintball field. The teams battle to capture the flag and hang it at the opposing teams starting position or in
some cases bring it back to their own starting station.

Chronograph – A radar device used to measure the speed of the paintball leaving the marker.

CO2 / Carbon Dioxide – A non-harmful gas used in most paintball markers to power the marker.

Elbow – An angled shape plastic part that connects the hopper to the feed tube on some paintball markers.

Elimination – A type of paintball game or when a player is marked with a paintball and the break is the size of a
quarter. An elimination game is when two teams battle it out until everyone on one team is eliminated.

Fogging – A condition that arises inside the mask on the lens from overheating while playing. Can reduce visibility
of the player. We have an anti-fog solution to will help minimize this condition.

Hopper – A paintball container that fits on top of the marker. This feeds the paintballs down into the marker. It will
hold 200 or less paintballs.

Marker – A paintball gun, when shot marks its target with a paint splat.

Mask – A protective face shield worn in paintball that protects the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth from being hit. THIS

Neck Guard – A piece of neoprene with Velcro that covers the throat and neck and protects them from being hit.

Paintball – A gelatin capsule filled with colored vegetable oil. Sphere shaped and ranging from 68 caliber to 69.9
caliber in size. Biodegradable and washes off with soap and water.

Paint Check – When a referee checks a player to see if he or she is marked by a paintball. You or another player
can call for a paint check.

Splatter / Spray – Paint that hits you as a result of a paintball breaking on an object in front of you. It is not
uncommon to have heavy amounts of splatter on you during a sharp engagement. Splatter is not means for
elimination, however, it does not count as a hit.

Snap Shooting – A technique widely used in paintball. When a player snaps out swiftly from behind their bunker
and takes 1 to 3 shots and quickly snaps back in.

Squeegee – A barrel and or marker cleaner in the shape of a stick or cable with a cloth or discs to clean broken paint
or build up. A must piece of equipment for all paintball players.

Thermal Lens – A double paned lens that locks air between the lenses on a mask. This keeps the lens from fogging
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